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Man charging electric car

Home car charging points in the South of England

Southampton based AC Powertech Limited can help the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

hand holding Electric Car Charging nozzle
Charging of an electric car

Switch to green transportation

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with the increased awareness of the impact of travel on the environment. This has led many people to make the switch to electric cars. Although these can be charged in public charging points, nothing beats the ability to charge your car at your own home.

That’s where AC Powertech Limited are based in Southampton, working across the South of England. We have a team of fully trained electricians who can install home car charging points. If you would like to arrange a competitive quotation, just give us a call.

We can help with

Home car charging points
Advice over OZEZ grant applications
Wide choice of different systems
Different charging speeds and power ratings to suit you
Full turnkey solutions
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Man charging electric car outside modern house
Charging of an electric car at home

We are fully qualified

EV charge point installers need to be authorised by OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) and registered with a competent persons Scheme (CPS).

Need some advice?

We are always happy to advise homeowners about the most suitable system for them, so we can install the most appropriate home car charging point. This means your car can be charged from as little as 2 pence per mile.

Electric Car Charging Station

Make the switch

Our home car charging point installation is the next step to ensure you reduce your environmental impact by using an eco-friendly electric car. Call AC Powertech Limited in Southampton today on

023 8069 5300

3D illustration of charging electric car
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